Input :uppercase

Can’t we set up :uppercase on an Input element,
so that if user types in “a” , it shows “A” on screen?


Hi there, @ericwuu… you can’t have the characters show up as uppercase as a user types them, but you can do some trickery with a custom state and a group to change the typed text to uppercase after the user is done typing and clicks away from the input. Are you trying to do something like that? You could also just save the typed text as uppercase without displaying it in the input as uppercase before it is saved.


yes, show up as uppercase “on the fly” as a user types.

if really not available in any easy way, I just have to live with it~ not a big problem. is so powerful, I like it a lot. but wondering how come it does not provide the function… can we send a request to the team? :slight_smile:

You can submit an idea to the Bubble ideaboard.

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