Turn Input lower case to upper case


My problem is very simple (i feel a bit stupid because i can’t solve it :rofl: ).

If a user is typing “name”, i would like to get “NAME”.

Any idea? :slight_smile:

Thanks Bubblers!

Just display it as uppercase, don’t store it as uppercase

@bricelataste He’s right, you don’t HAVE to store it the way you want it but why not, eh? Then you don’t have to always use those pesky operators every time you show that field :slight_smile:

The way you change it to upper case is by clicking on the more button and choose uppercase. So if you were saving an input called name to a Name text field it would look like:

Name = input name’s value:uppercase

I am note sure to understand :frowning:

I need to store it as upper case cause after i compare it (“USER” doesn’t match with “user”)


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