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Make (Integromat) /API Connector: There was an issue setting up your call. The API call returns a non-object and you picked JSON. Please check

I am new to no code/ low code and bubble.
I want to develop a webapp and I use (legacy Integromat) for automation.

In my app I have a form with three input fields and a button. When the button is pressed, I want the API Connector to be called and pass as JSON the values to Make.

For this I looked at the following tutorial: Send data to Integromat as JSON via an action in a Bubble workflow using the API Connector plugin - YouTube
I have transferred everything 1:1 and the data arrives correctly in Make.
However, in Bubble I get an error and do not know how to remove it.
As a respond from Make I get the following message:

What can I do?

Best regards

It looks like you are getting the default success response from Make.
As you can see the status is 200, the body is Accepted and the field returned_an_error is false, so you don’t have an error.
The full response object is structured this way because you have “include errors in response” checked.
Your call is working ok.

Hello dorilama,

thanks for answer.

When I enter the data and click the button, I get the following pop-up.

The data arrives correctly in make.

My workflow looks like this

This is probably because in the api connector “data type” is set to JSON but make is just returning plain text.
You can try changing data type to plain text or you can return a json payload from Make following their documentation.