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New Engine request: Every single parameter should be available under conditionals

Every little thing here should be editable via conditionals. Page too narrow? Reduce max width or height. This would open up a lot of flexibility to get the behaviours we need.


I think this is the main feature Bubble should be spending all their time on at the moment. They should push it out ASAP so we can continue to test. Without this we are severely limited in our design capabilities with this new engine.


+1 here. I fairly regularly hit roadblocks around this with the legacy system, and it is even more critical in the new engine that we have the ability to set options conditionally using BOTH conditionals AND workflows.


+1 - being able to set width with conditionals on ALL elements would also allow things like a text input stretch 50% on a desktop sized screen but 100% on a mobile screen.

Adding it to groups as the first step would allow a work around this (if yet a bit messy) by wrapping each input in a group.