How to let user accept paiement with their stripe account

Hi everyone,

I would like to give my users the ability to connect their Stripe account to my application, so that they can automatically create payment links.

To explain quickly: the application is a business management app. It allows you to create “orders” as well as quotes and invoices. I would like that, when an invoice is edited, the user can generate a stripe payment link (of the invoice amount) and send it to his customer.

Small precision: I do not wish to take any commission on the payment.

After doing some research, I feel like I need to use Stripe connect. However, I can only find tutorials on how to set up a “marketplace” type system (where user accounts are attached to my Stripe account and where my account redistributes the payments).

Has anyone done this before and could they shed some light on the subject or give me some pointers?

Thanks in advance!

I too have this same question. If either of us figures it out, we’ll post it here so everyone knows.

You should go the Stripe Connect Standard way.

Stripe has great documentation, check the link and it’ll walk you through.

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