Make phone numbers click to call in Calendar invite by email?

I know one can make an HTML link that is click to call with an app: [SOLVED]How to make either phone field or email field interact with phone? - #7 by dwsmgr

I’m trying to make a link within a calendar request to be click to call. I’ve tried to use the same format [tel:phone number] but it doesn’t work within the calendar request.

When I’m using the “send meeting request by email” function, does anyone know if there’s a way for me to make a phone number within the body of an calendar request click-to-call?

Here’s what it looks like in bubble


Here’s how it look in email

I’d like users to be able to click on the phone number and have it call from there.


Does this work: <a href="tel:5554280940">Call us at (555) 428-0940</a>?

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