[SOLVED]How to make either phone field or email field interact with phone?

I have built a directory app which includes phone numbers and email addresses. I am trying to figure out a way that when a user clicks on either a phone number or a email field that the app will trigger the phone’s dialer or the open the phone’s mail client with the “To” field pre-populated. Our prior platform accommodated this functionality (KnackHQ). Is this doable in Bubble? If so, how?

just set a link for the mail and for the phone:

for the mail use: mailto:email (for example mailto:bubble@bubble.is)
for the phone use: tel:phone number (for example tel:0146574949)



Thanks Diego. I’ll give it a try!

Please let us know if this works, would love to see this kind of functionality in action!

How are you suggesting I set that link? I’ve tried inserting the following link tel:Current cell’s Member’s Cell Phone in my phone field. When I view the app on a desktop PC, my cursor identifies the link, however, that is not the case when viewing on android phone. What am I doing wrong?

I’m not really sure if it works on Android phone, I think it should. For sure it works on iPhone


Works like a charm! Both phone and email links work. Thanks you so much. That is a very basic feature that should be highlighted more than it is. Literally I learn something(s) new every day in bubble.


Does this approach work for texting/iMessaging too?

nikolai, I have not found away to adapt this approach for texting/iMessaging. Instead you may want to investigate one of the many texting plugins available. What texting platform are you planning on using (such as Twilio)?

Thanks Ted
I’m just starting to look at an approach to support texting/iMessaging so not sure which platform. Still working on onboarding paying customers so looking at something free / cheap to kick the tires at this point.

FYI - found this article which maybe helpful to others in need of texting from their bubble app. Basically send an email to a phone number and recipient will receive it as a text. This works for my current needs.