Make reset_pw also confirm user's email?

Assuming we wanted to register a new user without a password:

There is no workflow action to confirm a user’s email address ourselves. This is done by using the action “send confirmation email”, on which the response is handled by Bubble which sets the Current User 's email confirmed property to true. The Current User’s property “'s email confirmed” cannot be changed via a worklow, only with the in-built Bubble response.

But when registering a new user without a password, we could use the actions : sign the user up -> Assign a temp password to a user -> Send password reset email. By it’s very nature, this ensures the new user’s email exists.

So then, couldn’t Bubble also make this password reset response also internally confirm the Current User’s 's email confirmed property at the same time?

That would open up registration process to be handled in a number of different ways, giving quite a bit more flexibility.