Making an "Any" chip work in multiselect chips?

Hi, does anyone have any ideas on how to make pressing the “Any” chip deselect the currently selected chips? And visa versa, if “Any” is currently selected, pressing another chip deselects “Any”.

I do not want “Select all” and “Select none” buttons.


Hello :wave: @andrew36

Hmm :thinking:

Maybe this might work: Have a conditional on the workflow. If you are saving the list to the database or if you are setting a state, either one should work fine.

  1. If current cell is Any, clear list and add Any to it.
  2. If current cell is not Any, remove Any and add Current Cell.
  3. If list of chips contains current cell, remove it from the list.

Does that help? :man_shrugging:t2:

Does that make sense or do you need me to make an example for you?

Thanks. It actually doesn’t use a workflow for the chips, since this is a ready made component from the Canvas system. I’ve tried creating a workflow using similar logic to your suggestion, but so far no luck. I’ll keep trying!

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:thinking: Hmm. How are you saving the values?

I use “make changes to a thing” and “set list”.

You should be able to do this then.

Just have a workflow do two things based on the action. After lunch I might be able to set up an example for you. :blush:

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Are you using option set as a data source for your RG with filters?

An option set, yes.

So one of the ways to do what you want is (using a custom state):

  1. When something in the cell is clicked and current cell’s option is “Any” → set custom state = empty
    1.1 If you are using “Ignore empty constraints” in you main RG (which you are filtering with this Option Set RG) - empty custom state will be ignored and you’ll get all items from DB according to your main RG setup.
    1.2 you can use empty custom state value as a condition to highlight ANY chip.
  2. When something in the cell is clicked and current cell’s option is not “Any” → custom state: plus item XXX (XXX = current cell’s option)

Is the element that has the chips in it a multi-dropdown element or a repeating group?

If it’s an option set I ussually do the following.

Say the option set is called filterOption I
set the search parameter where it appears to

Search for things
Parameter = filterOption :minus item All
Ignore empty constraints = yes

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It’s a specific component in the Canvas system, so I have no access to its own workflows.

You are using this? Single-Select or Multi-Select Pill Tabs Group - Canvas Pages and Modules

Yes I am.

Hmm :thinking:

If they don’t allow a workflow for it, then you probably should just build it out like I did using the native Bubble elements. It used to be that it was hard to create this sort of feature in Bubble, but now it’s really easy to do because of the new responsive engine. If you are on the new responsive engine, then this is easy to do. You can see from the example that I made. Otherwise, you will need to add some custom CSS on the page for it to be the same style. Or ask AirDev to add a workflow for you.

Does that make sense?

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