Single and multi-select chips


Is there a way to use single and multi-select chips? I need them to replace radio and checkbox group.

This is how they function in case it needs clarifying:


I would do this using states. You can select a group, create a new state for that group and call it “chips” and make it a list, then when someone clicks a chip add this to the existing list of chips in your state. when they unclick it, remove it from your list of states. then when they hit submit, save those chips as a list to some database record.

Thanks, but I’m new to Bubble and need a simpler explanation! When you say “create a new state for that group”, can you clarify? How do you do the adding and removing a chip to the list of chips? How do I create a chip in the first place? Sorry, newb… :slight_smile:

Check out this post. @NigelG does a much better job explaining than I could writing it all out :grinning:

You are going to want to save the chips to some record, and then ‘on page load’ in workflows set the state of the group to have those chips (so the user has their chips displayed when they come back).

Thanks! However I think this is the solution I’m looking for: Chippify Repeating Group - chips/tags in pure Bubble


Use Bubble new feature

And write the logic.

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Thanks to this recent update to RG layout options, there’s no need to use a plug-in for this anymore, it can be done in native Bubble…

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