Filter State Sorting Not Letting Me Unselect

Hey All!

I set up a filtering page with a custom repeating in another group to filter options to my main Repeating group. I have a state “Selected” page-level so I can select a list of brands. Everything works great except for the fact that I cannot deselect selected states. I’ve tried all the logic I can think of and have been stuck quite a bit.

I think you need a conditional on your first workflow (the green one).

It looks like currently you’ve got it running anytime ‘Group Text’ is clicked.

So even when Selected contains the current cell’s text and your Red workflow runs to delete the item, there’s nothing stopping the green workflow from running as well to add the selected cell’s text back to the custom state list (which is probably what’s happening here).

So try adding the opposite conditional (i.e. when Group text is clicked and selected doesn’t contain current cell’s text) to the Green workflow - that will ensure only one of them runs whenever the Group text is clicked.

It also looks like you’re setting the wrong value on the Selected state when removing an item.

I’d have thought you’d just want to set the value to the current value minus the current cell’s item - but I’m not too sure what you’re filtering from the RG list, or exactly what you’re trying to set the value to, so I’m not too sure about that.

Thanks totally overlooked this I set it to when doesn’t contain current cells text. The filtering came from a video I watched how they used to pre minus item: I threw out all logic and just started shooting in the dark. Thanks again!

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