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Making an app look good - Please help

How do you make your app look good? Any design tips so it can look less like a block? And where do you find your color schemes?

I am at a loss for making it look good.


I also have that same struggle. But I’m just taking things step by step, maybe a few tutorials will help

Hey @mfp5493,

Don’t feel discouraged. Popular apps spend tens (to hundreds) of millions of dollars in R&D to create the “simple” screens we all take for granted. Here’s a flow that we use to make sure we’re not reinventing the wheel or breaking user expectations from their popular apps.

  1. Breakdown your app into its core features
  2. Think of popular apps that have a similar features. (Ex: Chat → Messenger, Categories → Spotify, etc)
  3. Screenshot all the actions that app is doing and how it’s displaying the information
  4. Bring the screenshots into Figma
  5. Mock-up your UX and UI using the popular app as inspiration. Tailor the nuances to fit your use case and your branding.
  6. Bring those designs into Bubble using the import feature or starting from scratch

Happy building :+1:t2:


Maybe check out

Check out