You have an artist vision? - Advices for modern design

Good morning everyone!
So I’m currently in the process of creation of an app, a social network for a videogame to allow players to find other users to play with and servers.
On the “engine” creation, I don’t have problems to do it by my own, BUT on the “designing part”, I’m really really bad…

Why I need you
So my question was, do you have an artistic vision, could you maybe give me some advices to have a more modern final render? Because currently it looks like a 2010 app and that’s really make me sad…
I know little things can change a lot in design so …

I give you some screeshots here:
And a link to the current app below too

You can access the app here :
It’s mobile only, and you can log in with these credentials :

THANK YOU for reading :slight_smile:
With love :heart:

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Cool app, nevertheless from my own point of view, the UI is a bit (or very) dark… I’d prefer a white background, with thin borders and icons, and regular font size instead of bold.

But great job, this app seems very complete!

@Christophe_HK Unfortunately I really wanted to keep the game color scheme, so dark theme…
But the regular font size instead of bold is a great idea! Thank you :crossed_fingers:

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Hey @vnihoul77, best place to find inspirations is pinterest

I think it’s important to look at your core uers, they are gamers. They love dark UIs and familiarity. I think looking at Discord and Twitch is a good starting point regards to good UI/UX for gamers as they’ve invested millions into this :slight_smile:

If I were you I would also look into making a good UX for the app too.

You have to keep the link and the coherence between your app and the game, so if the game is dark mode, dark mode app, you’re absolutely right!

Here are some ideas if you’re looking for design inspirations: