Making an group a profile picture connected to a user

Alright, I’ve got a weird one today. I have a system in place where the player will equip an item via a drop down menu, which will pop then show the image of the equipment on their little stickman as shown below.

This works great so far, until I try to either resize the group on the left (for use in other locations) or better yet would like to use the combined group as an image for their profile picture (in places such as a leaderboard or user posts).

Right now I’ve created 3 separate repeating elements, one large, one medium, and one tiny (for pfp), which is a huge pain in the butt because I have to set the equipment in the same spot three separate times, but it has worked so far ish, until I’ve tried to put the pfp sized one in a repeating group as I don’t think I can pull the info from each cell to populate the weapons of each user.

Is there an easier way to do what I need to do? It would be fantastic to somehow make the above image group (once equipped) a static image to be used in multiple locations as an image instead of a bunch of separate elements, but I doubt that’s possible. Any ideas or help would be awesome!

Alright, since posting this I actually got it to work the way I need to by searching for user and connecting that to my player, so that’s great.

If there is any way that I could create an image out of that group or easily resize that group down while keeping the dimensions and locations of the equipment and stick person would be highly appreciated. Right now I have to shrink down and place each equipment three separate times, which is a huge pain and since this is something I’ll need to be doing for a lot of equipment over time anyway to simplify it would be awesome. Thanks!

Yes you can! There’s a plugin that does this, Group 2 Image. It does cost $25 but it works great and the developer is very responsive. Not sure if there’s a free alternative.

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Thanks for the info, I emailed that dev to see if there is a way to automatically do this and plug in the output as the users profile picture. I think this plugin might just be for exporting groups as images, where I need to dynamically update my users profile images with a group, which might be above this plugin.

You can also just create images instead of downloading them if Im not mistaken. You can then easily create a workflow around this that meets your needs

Thanks for your help. Googling image 2 group lead me to another plugin called image to group, which has worked for the most part. There’s some odd formatting issues but otherwise all is good :+1:

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