Been trying to solve this for 15 days now

look. you have the logged in interface page and then the “profile picture page”. The User should upload the picture in the “picture page” and it should be displayed at the logged in interface when all the users will see his data. So I’m asking you to set up an accurate database to execute this workflow. I should be in two different pages(one for the User upload and the other for the rest of users to see) Here is the link so you can try. Brokttv | Bubble Editor



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Thanks for your help, But I want the page that shows the photos uploaded to be in a repeating group. Once the User will finish setting up his profile inluding uploading his profile picture, he gonna be redirected to the home page where he should see other people profiles and their profile picture…

Think about it like tinder for instance, when you’re in the homa page, you keep swiping through people’s profiles including their pictures. But here I want the User to upload only one picture so it’s displayable to other Users.

Sorry didn’t see those details in your post with the original instructions on what you were trying to achieve

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Man, just give some instructions and help us out . I thought this is a collaborative community not a marketplace…

Add a repeating group to your page, and make the content type images…in the user data type you already have the profile image data field I created for you for free in your app. Then your datasource will be a search for all users each items profile image.