Make dynamic images from groups?

Hey there everyone!

I’m looking for a good plugin for turning groups into images to use dynamically for social graph images.

Anything that you’ve found that works as advertised?


I think you might be able to use the built in function on the group element to set the background style to image.

Oh sorry I should clarify - I have a forum post. I essentially want to take the whole group (with the forum post title, Creator’s profile picture, # of comments, etc)

And then turn that whole group into an image, to then use as the social graph image for Facebook/Twitter/etc so it’s dynamic for every post.

There are several plugins that can do this. Good luck!

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Yes, I was confused. Never even thought about the idea you were asking about. Glad I found out about this possibility…I think it would be great for a ticketing system I am creating.

@AliFarahat you know a way to turn a group of elements into an image to save to a database object field?

Have tried some other plugins to no avail.

This would help with creating dynamic social share images for any page with a data type set (people, products, etc.)

Hey @joe5

I have a puppeteer google clould function that gets specific data from an Instagram profile. Since its based on puppeteer it can be altered to render the an image of a page or a specific element. It’s not the fastest but its robust. Another option is to go with a library like this one but I never tested that.

Have a look at this service

Nope. That’s not it.

have any alternatives, Keith? for turning a group of elements into an image to save to the database?

Try looking at “html to canvas” options. Not overly experienced with js but there maybe a library you can use and then you just need to get the content results into bubble with a workflow. In theory.

I don’t know if any of the existing plugins for this are any good, but did you try this one?

I still can’t seem to find any group > image converter plugin that works.

I’ve tried Anything 2 Image and the free Elements/Groups to Image.

@levon I don’t see any documentation for the Anything 2 Image converter - is there an editor link anywhere?

I am trying to create& save this dynamic image for all user profiles >

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here is the editor link -

Thanks! I’ll see if I can get it working.

@levon is there a way to save the new image to the database? that workflow doesn’t seem to work for me when Saving the new image to the current page user’s image field.

@joe5 can you show your workflow as a screenshot?

I figured it out!

Noticed you have another workflow for when the image is successful, so I was saving it too soon.

For everyone else:

  1. Create a workflow to create the image using Anything 2 Image.
  2. Create another workflow that triggers once the Anything 2 image converter is Successful: that then let’s you save the Anything 2 Image’s image to the database.

Hey again!

So - creating a single image was doable for a regular group.

I did try with a popup as well as a hidden group, since I won’t want to show the social graph image really, but that doesn’t work unfortunately.

Now I’m trying to wrap my head around how I could create a workflow to dynamically create all 1000+ users social graph images.

I’ve tried placing the component in a repeating group along with a group to take a pic of, but unfortunately that doesn’t allow me to run a workflow on that Anything 2 Image element when it’s in the repeating group.

Know of a workaround?