Making Bubble app work without signal

I think it’s quite a common need that an application should work even without a signal.
My app would be often used underground so I need a mobile app to deal with that, also push notifications would be great to go there.

Even though I got this from the customer service:
“While mobile app development is not currently one of Bubble’s core features, most of our users are able to successfully convert their Bubble app into a mobile application by using wrappers like GoNative or Cordova. Technically not a full mobile application, it is more like converting your web application for mobile.”

it seems like some of you found the workaround to this problem.
I should have a generic app for the employees at least so that they can access and modify the database (calendar, todos) or upload pictures etc even without a signal. Is that even possible to fix with Bubble or I gotta search for something else?

Thanks in advance!

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By default, Bubble apps are not going to work without access to the internet.

There would be some workflows that you’d be able to set up where when you detect the user is offline you store all of their changes to the browser cache and then push them to the database to update once you’ve re-established a connection to the internet.

But of course anything they do while they’re out of signal isn’t going to leave their device, and they’re not going to get any fresh data on their device. They’re also not going to be able to get push notifications without access to the internet. I may be misunderstanding you but I feel like you’re looking for a way to be connected to the internet without having a connection to the internet. There’s no solution - coded or otherwise that’s going to allow you to operate online while you’re offline unless :man_shrugging:

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