Publishing the app offline

Ive read a lot on the website and in the Forum but im still not sure if im right.

Is it right that there is no possibillity to publish a devolped app on your own?

I mean click on compile and get a few datas which can be run on any computer online and offline. Like in any onther ide.

Bubble generates web applications that run on Bubble’s hosted service. You don’t get anything to install, there’s no “output” file that you run. If you’re trying to build a hybrid mobile app, Bubble Support will give you a packaged set of files that you need to wrap in a webview wrapper like Phonegap.

As Bubble apps are web applications, they need to be connected to the internet to work.

Thanks for the reply. I got a bad feeling about that i dont can save my work (if bubble changes their pricing modell we maybe ****ed). But i can understand their intention. What I dont understand is why a web application needs an internet connection. A HTMl, CSS and Js based application which runs in a browser is imho. a web application. But theres no need for an Internet Connection to work. (Beside the benefits of running the app on a server and so on.)
Or am i wrong?

All your data is going to live on a server. There is no local copy of data. If you’re going to write to a database or read from a database, which you likely will be, then you’ll always need an internet connection with Bubble.