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Native Offline Bubble via PWAs/Mobile Apps

I really like bubble, but as of now the one use case it does not support natively is offline, whether through progressive web app or mobile applications. Would love to have this option (PWAs at the very least) as a number of my users may not always have internet access when using the app. Is this on the roadmap anytime soon?

P.S. I know about Dropsource, but that is not what I am asking about.


Hello @bgreen0880

It is possible to work offline but the whole thing requires writing to the browser’s memory, and then, once online, passing the information to Bubble. I am using a plugin to write to memory and validate offline status. You must master Bubble before embarking on this adventure.

Welcome to Bubble :partying_face:

ps : just realized old post… :sweat_smile:

Hi John…I’d like to talk to you more about this - I have a bubble app but I’d like to see how to get some sort of offline functionality using PWA…how can I reach you off forum?


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Hello @equibodyapp, welcome to Bubble.

I do not consult outside this forum. The challenge of having an ‘offline’ application requires the use of ‘offline’ detection plugin and backup with certain plugins to access the memory of the ‘browser’. Then a backup of the data must be launched. Anything is possible if the ‘offline’ changes do not exceed the limit of the ‘browser’ assigned to your application. Can you talk more about your project?

I build a nativa app, which should work if connection is weak or completely gone. I used jasonelle to make my native app and now I’m testing what happens if I turn off the internet.

Scenario 1: app is open, connection is gone. I can fill out forms, input fields with static values, but dynamic list from database does not load, but I am still able to save my form. When I go back online, then data is uploadet to database.

Scenario 2: app is open, connection is gone. I repeat the same step as in scenario one, but I put the app in the background and do something else. Later I go online again, open the app from background and data is saved to database.

Scenario 3: app is open, connection is gone. I fill out my form but then I close the app completely. It’s NOT running in the background. When I open it again, it won’t open unless I go online, but finally data is not saved to database and changes are gone.

My conclusion: if you are online then you can open the app, and you are able to fill forms with static values if you lose connection and everything will be saved to database when you are online again and did not closed the app so far.
But if you are offline, you are not even able to open the app. And if you close the app when you are offline, then you lose every data which were not saved.

Is it possible to keep changes even if you close the app and when you are online you open the app again and it saves your changes?
I read some thread about this, but I’m not sure if I understand well.
There is this plugin:
But it seems to me, I have to store my data on firebase, and connect with bubble. Documentaion is not clear for me, neither the test application for that.

“having an ‘offline’ application requires the use of ‘offline’ detection plugin and backup with certain plugins to access the memory of the ‘browser’.” @JohnMark Can you give a guidline how to manage this? What are the “certain plugins”?
My app will be used in constructions where engineers fill out forms in the app and upload pictures about the construction. It may happen there is no mobile conenction there, so the app should open without internet as well and if the close the app, data should be saved next time when they have connection again.

Thanks for any help and advice in advance.

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@JohnMark & @balogh.botond8

My app requires similar functionality in that it would be a form/report user would fill out and add pictures/video that would then be able to be synced back to database when back online. I’d need the ability for multiple instances of the ‘draft’ form to be created and it would need to have access to their list of clients in order for the form to know who to attach itself to.

Also ideally access to their in app calendar in order to view and add/manage appointments when offline but the report (and ability to have multiple drafts) is the most important offline feature.

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Hello @balogh.botond8 and @equibodyapp,

I didn’t put any effort into the offline feature which I find very difficult and 99% of my clients don’t need. I understood the challenge that entails. Perhaps synchronization with Firebase might be possible. I use the ‘Browser Storage’ plugin to save the data in the browser permanently (even if we close the application). I use the ‘Offline Alert Pro’ plugin to tell me when my application is no longer connected to the Internet in order to warn the user.

I will tend to focus on Jasonelle for the ‘offline’ part for taking pictures and taking information, to then read the content via a list under Bubble. I feel that you are not very far from finding a viable solution. I hope other Bubblers will participate in this discussion and bring their real field experience.

By following Jasonelle’s path, you will have to invest some time to understand how to start your application completely under Jasonelle (offline) which implies that the initialization file is in the main directory of the device. Moreover, a new Jasonelle plugin will appear in a few weeks and which will allow you to build a Jasonelle application inside Bubble, which will be a ‘game changer’.

:small_red_triangle:Fundraising to create a plugin for iOS and Android with Jasonelle

added: Ideally, convert your data into a Json file for reading through a Bubble API.
one of many Bubble plugins: Json