Making Change to a thing: Action condition failed on first try


I am experiencing a weird problem. I have an event triggering on the change of an input. It will change an entry in the database accordingly. It has a condition which is based on the custom state of a text. It get’s set beforehand.


When I first try to change the input field, the workflow will start and execute without a problem, except that the change action returned the error “Action condition failed”. After the workflow is finished, i tried again to change the input field, and now it behaves as intented, the change action doesnt throw an error.

However, right before the change action, i have a plugin action “run js”, which simply logs “OK” to the console and it has the same condition as the change action, but that one executes as intented (logs to console) and the change action crashes.

When i remove the condition, it also works on the first try.

I really cannot tell on what factor it depends on (maybe because i used a custom state of a textbox? but that works with simple button presses without a problem). And the Server log isnt really helpful for me, as it doesnt output any other information besides the condition failing.

Then again, the condition works without a problem right beforehand.

I would be really glad to get some feedback from you bubblers what could be the cause for this behaviour (bug? or my mistake?)

Have a great day


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