Needing to "make changes to thing" multiple times to work

Hi everyone!

I’ll make it quick.

In my app I hooked up a save button to a workflow that makes a change to an existing thing. The problem is I need to click the button multiple times for the changes to actually be persisted into the database. You can find my app here, and the bug happens for multiple types of things: products, profiles, and customers. It happens if it’s a new product or if it’s an existing one, and it happens across multiple pages.

Has someone run into this issue before? What could I be missing?

Edit: I realized I probably need to show off the error better in this post so I’m attaching a video.

Can you share screenshots of your workflow?

Thanks, lantz for taking a look at this for me. I think it might have to do with the condition, because if I remove it, saving works. (Although if I move the steps around, I can remove the condition and still have this issue). However, why would the success alert show if its condition is a successful save step?

Hmm. What does the ‘validated’ equate to? Is it a yes/no field?

Yes. I originally had the condition evaluate it with ‘is “yes”’ but I had changed it recently as a quick test (it changed nothing).

Can you share a screenshot of the ‘trigger validate inputs’?

The ‘inventory_detail_edit’s validated’ looks like it should just read ‘inventory_details_edit’s is validated’

Good point about the naming of states. Your suggestion is more readable.

I got rid of trigger validate inputs as a custom event and now it saves with one tap. I still don’t understand why the success message was showing given its condition to work only with the “make changes” step to have a result…

Glad that’s working now :slight_smile:

The condition on your ‘make changes to thing’ is conflicting with your Only When:
inventory_detail_edit’s is validated

I would try on the Show Message Success:

Only when: 'inventory_detail_edit’s is validated AND ‘Result of step 2 is not empty’

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