Making change to a thing from an inputs value not working

I have an input that is set to numbers only and I want it to change a data type, which is also set as a number. I added this to make changes and it doesnt work.

I’m using this same equation on many different data types but it’s not working for this one…

I tried changing the input to an input slider and that worked but when I have the data pulled from an input it doesn’t work. I thought of changing the content format to text (numbers only) but still doesn’t work.

Does anyone know what might be not allowing the input to change or create a thing?

Your input’s format is Number and your “Number of days repeating” is also in format Number? Verify you don’t have two inputs with the same name (I think you click right click the “input number of days” and do Reveal element)

Also if you check for errors at the top right of the editor it will give you a slightly better explanation on what the error is

I checked and there is only one. The issues tab says the it should be a number but right now its text. I tried adding a new input element and that didn’t work.

Is this the correct format for numbers?

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 8.46.30 AM

No, that input is a Text…

For a number the input neds to be either an Integer or a Decimal

Wow, that makes sense. I didn’t even see those. :joy: I was looking for the word number… So when would text numbers only be used?

when you want to generate a string (a text) that can only contain numerical characters (0-9), but isn’t treated as an actual number (such as a reference number or telephone number etc.).

Gotcha. Thanks for your help!

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Yea, technically a phone number is a number only, but you would never want to “do math” on a phone number if that makes sense

Right, yeah that makes sense. This is totally off-topic but do either of you know why a repeating group would be causing its parent group to shrink as the list grows?