Updating a database entry using "Make a change to thing

First I created a repeatable list of some items
Then I created a “group” to display these items after I click a “details” button
The items are displaying in a “input” field just fine via “Initial Content”

I created a “SAVE” button to “update” the item that is displayed in the input field.

Next, I created a workflow to “Make a change to a thing”, when the “SAVE” button is pressed, but I can’t seem to update the entry in the database, rather it keeps saying the following error:

“You’re trying to change a list of Items, You probably want to change the first item of the list”

My goal is pretty simple:
If the user makes changes to the input field, after they click SAVE, the item in the database is updated.

I know I’m real close, but something is missing.

Nevermind. I figured it out. The culprit was that I wasn’t using the “Parent” level.


Hi @brentparker76
I am having a similar issue. Can you detail what you have done.
I am trying to update Database when user click on save Burton and has made some changes in the input field.
Thanks for your help

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what did you do when you click a button to display the data?