Making changes to a thing + searching for a thing in a backened workflow

I’m making changes to a thing called Scheduled. To change the img field, I’m searching for an image in the database. This is all done in a recursive backend workflow, so I want it to update to the next item in the list (index).

The other two fields are updating just fine, so my guess is I’m trying to do too much at once wrt the img field. I would add a pause here to give it time to make the search but that’s not possible in backend workflows.

What’s the best way to handle this? Should I just set up a separate API workflow to make changes to the img field?

There shouldn’t be any timing problems in the same workflow step, the problem is probably something else. Have you checked privacy rules? Try temporarily running the workflow with the ‘ignores privacy rules’ temporarily checked.
What are your logs showing?

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You’re right, @nico.dicagno. It ended up updating, but wasn’t doing so until the new loop was run. I’ll look at my implementation and see what the issue is, but it’s good to know these nested searches work.