Backend API Workflow "Things" not Searchable

Hi all,

I have a backend API workflow creating a list of things. One of the fields is the current page’s object (Project).

The things are created correctly and I can see them in the App Data including the correct project.

The problem occurs when I try to search for my new things to populate a Repeating Group. If I using the constraint “Project = Current Page’s Project”, nothing is returned.

I have another field Delete = yes/no and if I add this as a constraint to the search, nothing is returned either. This suggests the issue is with the overall creation of the new thing rather than setting the Project field incorrectly.

If I have no constraint, the list of things is returned correctly.

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

Can we see images of the data structure, and/or an image of the actual search itself? Those would be helpful in fully understanding the structure.

The first thing that comes to mind would be your possibly searching incorrectly, but I don’t want to make assumptions without first seeing.