Changes to Thing in API Workflow

I’m trying to do what I thought would be a very simple modification of a “thing” from an API workflow. I’m essentially looking to log a count of the number of times the API is called by date (mm/dd/yyyy). I’ve now tried this several ways without luck. Ideally, it would look something like so in my Data type:

  • Date: 9/15/2016
  • Events: 10

The idea is that I’m actively tracking (and incrementing the count of “Events”) by each Date. So, when the API gets called, I’m trying to “Make Changes to a Thing” (checking the box to Create it if not found) and searching on my Data type above, looking to match the current date with the date of the row in my data. If it’s the first event of the day, the date wouldn’t be found, and a new entry (row) of data would be created with a count of “Events: 1.” If the Date IS found, then I’m looking to increment the Events count.

The problem, however, is that the “Make Changes to a Thing” option is acting very strangely from within the API workflow. In some cases, it won’t even allow me to select a data type when I try “Do a search for” from the step. When I delete the step and try again, sometimes it’ll allow it. In those cases, as soon as I select the data type I’d like to search on, a tool tip comes up telling me I’m trying to search on a list of things, and it recommends only choosing “:firstitem” from the data. Regardless, I go ahead and put my Constraints (searching on the date values of my data, which should result in only one unique data entry/row), but the editor still insists that the “Thing to change…” field is not sufficient (turns red).

I thought this should be extremely straight forward - I’m literally just searching for an entry in the database and incrementing a number within one of the fields. What am I missing?

Sorry this post doesn’t contain pics - if necessary, I can take the time to cut/paste them here if the description isn’t clear. But, as I said, I think this just basically comes down to searching for a Thing and incrementing a field (by 1) in its record.

Any help is appreciated.

I am having a similar problem. In an API workflow I want to increment the value of an existing field by 1. I do a change as indicated. On the next iteration of the workflow, I expect the number to be incremented again. In fact, the number is only incremented once no matter how many iterations of the workflow.