Making links inside text field clickable

I’m actually in the process of setting up my own, I can’t find the online webtask editor you mentioned so I’m trying to make it work using node.

Yes, it is hidden when you first log on. Have a look at this thread for the secret URL !

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You are amazing! My webtasks are already up and running! :slight_smile:

Okay for some reason the @ mention isn’t working.
I tried changing in the editor myself and also tried the one you shared earlier, they are both giving this error:

UPDATE: that was something wrong on my end… I deleted that call in the API connector added the call to a new one and it works fine.

Note : This function is now redundant following the release of the “:'Extract With Regex” function. It does the same thing.

Any update on the availability of this feature?

Thanks for this! I’m not great at regex, but IMO this is the most simplest solution, and doesn’t involve another plugin.

Just an update for those reading this thread in 2020, there is now a checkbox directly for the text element (recognize links and email) that will do this automatically.


Is this also applicable for Multiline input? I am not able to find this option.

@akill.gupta no, not available on inputs. What you can do is make a text element for display, and when you click on it, show input, set focus to input. There are a few UX considerations but play around with it based on that foundation, you’ll find a suitable or “close enough” UI.

When you’re making a label or a text element, you can use the rich text editor and insert a hyperlink. Have you tried that?

Wow thanks a lot for this tip