[New Feature] Auto-detection of links and emails in Text Elements

Hi all,

We just added a new option to the text element to automatically convert URLs and emails into clickable links, equivalent to doing [url=https://example.com]https://example.com[/url] in BBCode (or [email][/email]).

Once you check this option, you’ll also be able to pick a color to have these links show differently than the main text.


See more about this in the reference.


sweet, thanks a bunch!

Great. Tiny put powerful

Nice, this will cut a lot of the clutter of using external APIs or JavaScript elements for something pretty straightforward. Thanks guys!


Legendary update!

We were just about to submit a plugin for your review is to doing the same thing :slight_smile: But great this is now part of the native functionality - it’s much easier this way! :slight_smile:

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Nice work! Keep them coming :grinning:

This sounds great. What a time saver. Question, did this somehow change the multiline text input box? For some reason it doesn’t look right anymore. Did this update change this? It doesn’t seem to be stretching right anymore. This used to be fine. I haven’t changed a thing. Is this a bug? Thanks!


Idea @emmanuel
FYI @NigelG

Would/could you guys possible add another option to this, that would not only change the Link colour, but also be able to remove or strip out any links too? before any commits are done to the database preferably.

We could then choose to strip out any links just like Facebook/Gumtree/Shpock does and any other types of platforms that deal with public postings.

Does not work in conditionals in text blocks.

I have both tried the rich text editor and bb-code directly.

The rersult on the page:

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hello @g111 , Did you find a solution ?? Because I have the same problem as you ! Thank you

What if you just do https://website.com without the BB code?

Hello @johnny ,
I did not understand ? My link is already like this, the problem comes from “Recognize links and emails” which causes a conflict !! If you have read the discussion thread ? Do you have a solution ?

Hey there @afouquet31,

I’ve read the thread. Read this manual documentation: Visual Elements - Bubble Docs

Yes @johnny, I just saw the bbcode. So how do you go about auto-detecting links in content?