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Making multiple choice questions

Hi. I’m trying to form the structure for making the multiple choice questions but unsure how I would enter the 5 different options in the database. As in, would I put it all under one entry of the question, or would I have to write the question 5 times with a different answer to each, marking one as correct?
Think its because I’m unsure of the workflow and how to present it on the page if not using repeating groups.

Here’s a link to my page. If anybody could help me to figure it out and create the structured workflow, that would be great. Alvear | Bubble Editor


hi, might take a while but I recently made a tutorial on multichoice questionnaires

Thank you @TipLister! I had a quick look at it already and it seems very useful. However, do you know how I might be able to add a few more fields such as assigning the questions a subject and topic for example?

for topics and subjects I recommend going to Data then the Option sets tab to create an Option set and add 10-20 options
you can then add a field underneath questions that is type "the option set " you created
and when creating questions display all options in a dropdown and make the question created the topic of the option set selected.

Hi there! As I understand your request, you should be able to create one question Thing and link anther thing (an answer Thing) to the questions. Then you only have to create one single question

Would I be able to then display subjects and topics from my options set onto a page which people can select so they can do a specific question from that subject and topic? Would I need to create a new data type for this such as in subject and topic or can it come straight from the option set?

Hi TipLister! Thank you for this tutorial - your content is so helpful! :slight_smile:

I have a question regarding the “right answer” field. The multiple choice quiz I’m making is graded - so each answer reflects a score, which will then be summed to provide a grade. For example:

A. Answer is worth 0 points
B. Answer is worth 2 points & so on.

I’m very new to bubble & have 0 coding experience so I apologise in advance for any confusion. How might I be able to change the “right answer” field to one that is graded like the example I have included?

Thank you!

There I give question a field type number called points. If user selects right answer they get as many points as the question otherwise 0.
If you want answers each to have their own number of points e.g. Option A 2 points, Option B 4 points, then to datatype answer add a field type number called points and add to the user the answer selecteds nr of points every time they click next, to go to a new question.