Creating a question bank

Hey guys I’m new to using bubble, i have a concept but I’m not sure how to make it happen. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be much appreciated.

I want to create a question bank.

Members can log in and choose the topics they want to do questions on.


Cardiology [tick box]
Endocrine [tick box]

They can also select choose to [Pick new questions] or [Questions I’ve got wrong]

Then questions are compiled from those topics.

[back button] [question number out of total] [Forward button]

[Question +/- relevant image]

[Option one]

[Option two]

[Option three]

[Option four]

[Option 5]



I want a dashboard where you can see which areas you are weak in. You can log in and it remember the questions you got wrong.

Is there any way to do this?

Hey there, you’re certainly jumping right in, going through the entire setup would be a lot, but high level Heres how I would do it.

First you will need to set up a user category and a question category in your database, ill leave it to you to determine the specific fields. 3 fields you will probably need in the user group would be questions answered qs answered correctly and qs answered incorrectly (all would need to be lists you just check the list box)

so for the question page you would need to put in a few toggle elements for all your categories and go into the flow editor and set each one so that when their value is changed a state is set (just make a custom state for each element with a value of the categories name) you want to have the state set to say cardiology when the element is toggled off and blank when toggled on.

Then you make a repeating group that lists the questions from the database and set the filter to be <> (not equal) to each of the toggled elements. So now each time a filter is toggled off its state becomes a value the search excludes. If you do it the opposite way it will not work because questions wont meet the search criteria of multiple categories.

I left out a few basics here but you will need to do know how to interact with repeating groups and database interactions which can be learned in the tutorials.

I feel like thats a good starting point but if you need any more help lmk.

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