Making part of text bold using [b] [/b] not working?

Heading says it all. why can i no longer make a part of a text bold by using xxxxxxx ? Is it due to the new responsive engine or something.

edit: ironically [b] [ /b] worked in the paragraph above lol.

Hey Jesse,

It seems to work here:


What element are you using?

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The element is a button.

Hey Jesse, indeed, does not seem to work. I also tested a page which was not converted yet and there it also did not work btw.

As a workaround, is it an option for you to use a group with a text in it as a button (since clicking a group can also start workflows)?

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Hi Jesse, I’ve had such instances in the past. However, a workaround I found was to use the rich text editor to make the text bold.

I don’t rich text editor is on buttons either

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