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Little help? I had a designer create my website and now I want to get in and make just a few simple changes to the wording on a couple of lines on the homepage. Not sure how to do this.

Hi there, @don4… the changes you want to make are likely on the index page, so open that page in the editor, and see if you can find the element(s) that include the text you want to change. To find the element(s), you might need to use the Elements tree or the element search, so check those areas if you don’t see the text on the page.

Hope this helps.


Edit: I should also have noted that after you make the changes, you will need to deploy your app to live. Keep in mind that any changes that have been made since the last deploy will be pushed to live along with the copy changes you make.

Thanks very much! I made the copy changes but don’t see how to save them. Also some other choices popped up where it says edit me at the top left. How can I make sure there are no changes there when I save? Will it automatically make the changes on my site when I close out?


Changes you make get saved automatically, but that doesn’t mean the changes can be seen on the live site as soon as you make them. As I mentioned, you will have to deploy your changes to live, and you can do that with the deploy button in the upper-righthand corner of the editor.

You don’t ‘save’ anything in Bubble. it auto-saves as you go…

It looks like you’ve added a few extra text elements somehow. to your page.

So either delete them, or roll back to an earlier version before they were there (might be safer if you don’t know what you’re doing) then make your changes again.

But as Mike pointed out, before they appear on the ‘live’ version of your site you’ll need to deploy your app to live… so make sure you haven’t accidentally changed anything else.

Got it thanks!

Got it thanks. I got the changes done but don’t see the deploy button. Am I on the right page?

Click the Development dropdown in the upper-right… then you will see a button that says Deploy current version to Live.

Got it. Now I’m getting this. Deployement message?

That’s just a note field where you enter notes about the changes you made.

Done thank you!

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