Making user entered data invisible to me

I was looking to help a supervisor within the company I work for, who’s having a problem with a spreadsheet, and I see potential to really help them out by making them an app that does everything they’re trying to do using a variety of poorly constructed spreadsheets.

Unfortunately there’s some legal fuzziness as the data they’d be entering is extremely confidential and I, as a somewhat lower level employee should not be able to access such information.

As such, I was hoping I could still build them an app, and continue to “patch” any issues that come up while they use it…but is there any way I can make the data they enter completely invisible to me to where I can’t access it even if I tried?

Are there any creative work-arounds for this?

I’m a pretty trustworthy person, and I don’t have much desire to view such data, but it still is something they’re concerned with, despite me stressing I’d only be able to see the data if I seek it out directly, still the honor system doesn’t hold up too often with something as sensitive as this.

Hopefully you bubblers have a easy fix for this kind of issue. Thanks in advance.


Use the SQL connector. Store the data outside of Bubble.

Have them make a password for you to do the development. Once you have a completed app show them where to change the pwd before going live.

IDK – that’s what comes to mind as a quick fix.