Need help with my app I am creating

Hi, I am new here. I am trying to create a project management app. I have so many problems and I can’t figure how to do things. Can someone help me?

I gotchu fam, whatever you need.

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You would get more help if you ask specific questions. Also if you search the forums there are 1000’s of solutions to virtual any problem you can think of! I have found when I am researching, I find solutions to problems that I have yet to even look in to, and I can use the knowledge further down the line.

Thanks man. How can I let you access my app?

  1. I want to make a page only for admin users that have specific password I assign to them.
    The first problem is I am not sure how to give the admin users specific permissions. (The permissions are: Edit stuff on a user level, upload files (Photos, videos, PDFs, Word, Excel, any file), remove users from accessing the app using the database I create not the bubble database…)
    The second problem I don’t know how to assign password for the users. I know that the normal user can and know how to create an account but I want to do it from my side like they give me their email and I can assign a password to the account (that I created using the database I created, can I do that?) linked to their email. (I want the database to be in this admin page). And is it possible to change the email using the database I created to change the email just like the bubble database can?
    this is what I mean by database. I don’t know if that is the correct word. The page and the database need to be user friendly not like the bubble database. I want everything to be understood.
  2. I want to make a tab called “daily logs”. In this tab, the admin users can post anything (text, photos, videos, PDFs, word, excel…) using a single box like the one I am using to write this down or like facebook. I tried to do this but I couldn’t. I had to put multiline input box and file uploader and many elements.
  3. Just like I want to give some users specific permissions I want some users to only view what is being posted and open the attached files.
    I know this may be silly and easy to some of you but as I said before I am new here (be patient with me :slight_smile: ) and I know that the forums can be very helpful. Before I asked for your help I did in fact search for answers and they were a lot like in thousands. I did look at some of them but some of them weren’t specific, some of them didn’t help me and some of them I didn’t understand. I took the lessons and I tried to do the same but nothing worked for me. I tried to identify the error but I couldn’t. I am hoping that you guys can help me. Sorry for wasting your time. Thanks in advance.

I can’t understand the “Data” tab on the side. Can someone explain to me?
I am not fully aware of what happens after I publish/deploy my app. Is it only an app that I download on my phone or is it a website and can be downloaded on my phone?

Hi Grace, I know it is all a bit daunting, but as you build your app, you will pick this all up along the way.

  1. AN Admin page is indeed doable. The permissions are handled by bubble on the privacy tab, and by allocating “Role” field to the users data type, ideally with an option set, i.e. Standard, admin, super admin. then restricting access to data types from the privacy tab. The same role field can be used to determine page access. Part of Bubbles skill set is that it handles elements user account administration, including the user registration process including passwords, confirmation emails. It is best to use this structure, rather than build your own. You can change the password and email once registered, but be careful with this.
  2. This is doable, you need to create a Log data type with the relevant fields.
  3. as above in one, this can be controlled with the privacy tab and roles field.
  4. The data tab is where you administer the database for your application.
    5, The end product when you publish your app is a versatile web application. It can be accessed from any device connected to the internet, however your site needs to be responsive to work well on a phone. You can make a web app fee like mobile app, but you would need to use a 3rd party service to publish it as an app on the android/apple app store.

App development can be fulfilling, but you need to put the time in, (or money to get someone else to do it for you!) I have been working day and night building an app from scratch for the past 2 weeks, and have a few days to go before I have go an MVP together.

Hi. Thanks for answering. Sorry I didn’t quite get it.

  1. What is the difference between the “Role” tab and the “permissions” tab in the privacy tab? When I define a new role in either tabs (even in the other tabs e.g. features, notifications…) , everything is the same (View all fields, allow auto binding…). Can you please explain?

    I don’t know what to put in the when box as a condition. I want to assign certain people that I choose from the database. I tried to use the “When Current User’s name is Grace Hallak” condition. I logged in with the name “Grace Hallak” and nothing changed. I tried to uncheck all the boxes and nothing changed. I tried the same thing in the “permissions” tab and nothing changed. I also tried to log in as two different users with different names and I tried to give admin access to the user called “Mark Hallak” and nothing happened.
    Can you explain what I have done wrong? and can you tell me what should I do in steps please? Do you want me to give you access to my app maybe it will be easier for you? (I have no problem with that)
  2. I created a new page called “daily logs” and I created a button that would take the user to that page but the problem was with the positioning of the button. I put it at X: 275 and in the editor it was okay. But when I preview it, it will appear above an existing button or sometimes in the middle of the header.

  3. Can you please tell me (in steps also) how can I upload files and text?
    I am really thankful. Thank you so much for helping me. What timezone are you in so I can reply instantly?
  1. Looks like you have used a template or have you created those custom data types yourself in privacy? Role or permissions will do much the same thing, you can call it whatever you want. The privacy tab us a way of restricting access to the database independent of your application, so you create your roles with an option set of the roles you want, then as you mentioned, you set different privacy rules depending on if a user has a certain role. You are better off defining this using an option set rather than text. So in your instance, for the admin Role (or permissions) when current user’s role is admin from the option set.

  2. To fix the button, group it to the logo and project dashboard elements and justify them to the left in the responsive editor.

  3. You want to create a reusable element that acts as a file upload and text editor window. Add the text input and file uploader. then you will need to add some buttons and setup some workflows to map them to a table in the data base.

I am happy to help new users on their journey, but I would have to charge for my time to do the work for you. It taken me 15 mins to write this message up, however it would take part of a day or so to get it all working smoothly, and then there will be other bits to sort outside the scope of this problem. That being said, you won’t learn much and wont understand how your app is built.

Perseverance is key!

  1. Yes, I used a template. I will try to do it and then I will tell you if it worked.
  2. I tried that. Apparently after the abscissa "X: is greater than 269, it will get in the middle.
  3. I used a plugin called “Rich text Input” Beta by bubble and I added the save button and the repeating group. Adding text editor is done. Now the problem is the file uploader. I knew how to let it work but the problem is I upload a file and then a link appears. Now to open the file, I need to paste the link in another tab so I read the data. How can I let a word document open instantly after clicking on it? I suppose that I need a plugin. Do you know any?
    Thank you so much. I know that your time is valuable and I really appreciate you helping me. I am just helping my son who is starting a start up business on his own and I really want to help him achieve his goals in life. If you asked me for money before Covid-19 pandemic happened, I would give you but I can’t give you now. I have two daughters to take care of. They are without a father (their father died when they were little) and I am the only one who is taking care of them. I am just hoping that my son would succeed in starting up his business so he can take care of us. I really understand that you don’t have the time to fix every problem I have by getting in the app editor but if you can tell me the steps to fix the problems I have. Again I thank you so much.

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