Making users able to edit (for them only) something in a common data type

I’m working on a to-do list functionnality on my app. I already managed to create a basic one (with editable and deletable tasks per user).
Now I want my admins to be able to create/edit/delete common tasks for all users.
When admins create a new task, a new thing is created in a data type called “admin tasks” (with fields like “task name”, “task description”, “task state checked/unchecked”).

I want to find a way that allows users to check these common tasks without checking/unchecking others’.

I created a repeting group that shows all the tasks existing in the data type “admin tasks” but i can’t find how to link them to a checked/uchecked state specific to a user.

Should I change how the admin tasks are created ?

Thanks a lot
(excuse my english, i’m french)

Hello @aymericdetrogoff welcome to the community!

It depends on how you set up the database structure.

One way would be to establish to what user the task belongs to.

So … under this logic you could add a field of type user called creatively enough … “task owner”.

Hello @cmarchan thank you for your answer.
I’m sorry i’m quite new to no-code so I might not fully understand how bubble works

The thing is that I actually have a user field in my “admin tasks” type but i don’t know exactly what to do with it…

The data source of the repeating group that shows the admin tasks is searching in the “admin tasks” type, with the constraint “task’s state = no (unchecked)” so only the unchecked tasks can be visible in this repeating group.

I’d like to make that “task’s state” unique to the current user but i can’t because the data source is “admin task” (not User).

That’s why i don’t know what to do with my “task owner” field…

Please share a screenshot of your data types “user”, “admin task” , and if it exists … the “task”

Sure !
Here is the Admin task type :

The User type :
And the User task type used for the basic to-do list that actually works :

I see. Lots of stuff going on there!

I would like to suggest that you become more familiar with concepts that will enable you to tackle your project better. Concepts like linking objects (data types), adding/removing list entries from list fields in an object, and other ones.

These series of short videos do a great job:

Here they are:

These videos deal with orders and items. In your case you have users and tasks.

Hope this sparks some ideas on how to improve the functionality that you are building! :+1:t2: