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Vimeo player issue

Hi guys

i have a small issue with Vimeo player. Please check here:
it does not want to go full screen. Same on mobile
Any advice?

Regards Claudiu

Working Full Screen on Safari (ver9), very nice site by the way :wink:

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Chrome Version 53.0.2785.116 m (64-bit)
Windows 10

Works fine for me…i’ll check mobile in a second

Yup fine on the Android too

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weird. i use Safari aswell, and it does not work properly.
When i press full screen button, the website goes full screen but not the video

From preview?

Is it forcing your actual browser full screen?

Try one of the vimeo plugins on documentation page? Behave the same way?

  1. Yes
    2.Yes, it s forcing the browser to fullscreen and the video does not go full screen
  2. No, here it seems to be working fine

This is the setup i have. Pretty simple

I got some weird stuff from Safari (cache and cookies…), so I empty all, and everything was fine after. Tell me the result.