Managing site images

I have an initial brand (icon, logo, static images, …) for my site but I know I am going to re-brand soon. It would make sense to store each of these items in the database and then retrieve them by name.

I had expected to be able to store them as named files but you can’t select files in an image element. I’ve also tried creating an “App Image” Data Type with Name (text) and Image (image) fields, but I can’t for the life of me work out how to select and image by name and display it in either an image element or group.

Suggestions, please.


If you’re storing the images in an Image datatype, then simply do a search for the image in the dynamic image field of the image element.

If you’re storing it in an option set, then just use ‘get an option’ then select the image from available options.

If you’re not storing it anywhere other than your file storage (whether in bubble or elsewhere) then just put the file URL in the dynamic image box of the image element.

Thanks for the reply. I’m struggling with the “Do search for…” syntax.

Here’s the Database

and here’s image element config…

How do I search for just one image with the name “Logo”?

Add a search constraint for Name=Logo then select the first item’s image:

Ah! Now I get it… choose the first item of the search “list” and just constrain the search. Simples.

Using an Option Set also works using “Get an option”…


So the question is now… which offers the better performance? But I say that rhetorically!

Cheers for the help.

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