Managing the costs of a project?

Hi everybody,

I’m bit stuck how to approach and do this.

I have a database with projects, all projects have different fields like customer name, start date, location and etc. Now I need to add costs to each project.

The costs for each project should look and should be displayed like this:

Supplier 1 name - supplier 1 cost - our selling rate
Supplier 2 name - supplier 2 cost - our selling rate

The number of suppliers for each project is different and also suppliers for each project can be different.

How to best do this? Using lists? Creating a new type with only costs? Even if I create a new type with costs how can I have it contain just the specific number of suppliers for that specific project. One project could have only 1 supplier, another 20 suppliers. All costs should have a field with suppliers name matched to a field with the selling rate.

Hope you get the idea what I’m trying to do here.


I think the best way to do this is creating a supplier data type with 4 fields - Project (link to the project data type) Supplier name, cost and selling rate. This way, it will not matter how many suppliers you have for a particular project.

Hope this makes sense.

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Hi Anil,

I knew I was not good at thinking through database structures and etc and now I know for sure I’m not. I was thinking about this couple of hours last evening and could not bite it.

Your answer is the way to do this and I can have all those suppliers displayed using a repeating group for each project so they all pop up no matter how many there are.

Thanks a lot, now I can spend the weekend to complete the app and go live on Monday. It will be used for doing actual work at a company I’m a partner in.


Thanks Kalev. Glad the solution worked and hope your app is live now. If my post helped solve your problem, could you mark it as the solution to this thread?

All the best.


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