How to assign a data type to a project

I created 2 data types “addendums” and “bidding projects.”

Under “Addendums” I intend to collect data about an addendum to a project.

Under “Bidding Projects”, I intend to assign addendums to a project.

Inside of my app I plan to capture data for a project by using a form to collect basic information on the project. Once the basic information is captured the project is created.

Then the project is sent to a list of projects. If I want to work on a project, I’ll select a project from the list and the information is sent to a reusable page called “estimating review”.


On the “estimating review” page I have the option to add addendums to the project.

When you click the green plus sign a pop up appears asking you to provide information about the addendum

I would like for the addendum to be added to the project after the addendum is created, but i can’t figure out how to attach the addendum to the project. This is the current workflow I have. How do I fix this?

Hi there, @leanne.brunache… I may not have followed everything in your post correctly, but if I did, I don’t think you should be trying to make changes to a list of projects in the last screenshot. Rather, you should be making changes to a single project (i.e., the project that is being viewed when the addendum is added), and the change to make is to add the result of step 1 to the project’s Addendum field. (Quick aside… I would keep your data type names singular and pluralize a list field like the Addendum field).

Anyway, I hope I have understood your post correctly, and I hope this helps.


@mikeloc I think you understood the chain correctly.

However there is not an option to choose the project I’m working on. Bubble only allows me to make changes to the addendum I’ve created not the project I’m working on.

how do I fix this?

You must be identifying the selected project on the second page, and it looks like you might be doing that via a URL parameter. You can identify the project to change the same way. That being said, if the second page will always show a selected project, I would probably set the page’s type of content to Bidding Projects, and I would send the current cell’s project to the page instead of using a URL parameter. If you do that, then the thing to change would be the Current page's Bidding Project.

Ok I think I figured it out. If I set the workflow like this it attaches the addendum to the project.

However, it is only sending over the unique id and not all of the information

I want to be able to display all of the information. Do i use the unique ID to pull up the specific data?

The unique ID is just identifying the thing in the Addendums data type… you have access to all of a thing’s information through that association. So, in other words, you should be good to go at this point.

This is what currently shows up. I’m still not sure how to tell bubble what I want to display.

I created a repeating group to display all of the addendums, but the information is showing up blank.

In the second to last screenshot, the parent group doesn’t have a data source.

I tried to set the data source to “current cell’s addendum’s unique id” but it won’t accept that as a source. I’m still confused.

The source of that group should be the bidding project you are working with on the page… try setting it to the Parent group's Bidding Projects.

Thanks! that did fix that problem but now I have a new problem. The data is not saving to the addendum.
If I input the data in the pop up it will create a new addendum and it will attach the addendum to the project, we are currently working on, but it won’t save the data. It just creates a blank addendum. what have I done wrong?


I don’t think you should be referencing the Parent group's Addendums whatever when you are populating the fields of the new addendum… just refer directly to the input elements where the values are being entered.

That’s very helpful thank you! I just have one last problem. All of the data is showing up each line of the repeating group. how do I get each addendum to show up on its own line?

Get rid of :each item's and just refer to a specific field.

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Thanks !!! You were very helpful

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