Manipulating a list of Google Places

Hi all,

I’m using bubble’s Places API to do a Nearby Search. I have it working so I know that I don’t have a problem with my API calls. I’m trying to do something tricky with the data I get back from the call.

Here I have no ‘Type’ selected by design. The outcome I want is:

  • To create a list containing Google Places across several ‘Types’ within 800 meters. For example, listings of type: restaurant, park, casino. This implies that I want to exclude irrelevant place types, such as ‘airport’ and ‘accounting’. I can’t figure out how to make this list.

How might I achieve this?

I assume I might:

  • Remove specific listings based on their type, i.e. remove all listing with ‘accounting’ and ‘airport’ types. Not sure how this might work.