Getting creative with RGs & Option Sets!

Hi all, some random Bubbling building out a horizontally scrolling repeating group with sorting, pagination, and a dynamic number of items displayed per page. All in vanilla Bubble :slight_smile:

There are some advanced methods in here but it’s good for all skill levels! Enjoy!


View the live results:

Play around in the editor:


Hey @eli,

Cool video. I haven’t done too much with option sets so this was helpful to see. That 72 option filtering task you mentioned near the beginning sounds like a nightmare hahaha.
Thanks for posting this.

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Thanks Eli, I hadn’t thought of using Option Sets in this way. So this was quite illuminating.

Cheers mate.


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Great stuff @eli - Thanks for keeping me entertained during this quarantine :slight_smile:

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Imo, Option Sets are completely underrated and one of the most useful features in Bubble! Glad to be of service :slight_smile:

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Ha! Happy to do my part, Brandon :laughing:

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Shout out to @eli for putting aside the time to put this together, thank you!! :raised_hands:


Thanks for sharing this @eli, very useful.

I used it to modify my previous approach for constructing a 20x20 grid and using it in my rpg-helper app that I just launched in a first version.

Found it to be a bit faster than using the ‘List of Numbers’ (from the Toolbox plugin) as the base.
Still a bit slower than I would like but better is still better.

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genius sir. pure genius.

i was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to make a horizontally scrolling table.

not only would I have skipped over option sets as the solution (when I first saw these appear in the editor, i simply shrugged my shoulders), i don’t think i would’ve ever figured out the conditional text fundamentals to make the whole thing work. :beers:

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Happy it was useful!

@eli is there a way to sort by multiple criteria? i.e sort names alphabetically and by status?

Also, if i have “non primative data types” eg. A list of a custom Data type, how could I use that as an attribute in my option sets?

@eli thanks for making this video. I was blown away at the additional possibilities of option sets.

Re RGs, have you tried making it so that users can ‘freeze’ columns? For example, making a sticky leftmost-column as default, and potentially allowing the user to expand the freeze selection?

I’m building a comparison site that relies on robust filtering of tables to query my DB so the closer I can get to full ‘pivot-table’ functionality like you’d have in Excel/Google Sheets is the aim. Any other tricks you’ve come across that would help me to that end would also be appreciated.


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That would be great!

Took a look and didn’t see anything about sorting based on option set. Any way to do that which I’m missing?

@eli you are amazing!