Paste from Excel Spreadsheet to an RG?

Is it possible to paste a range of cells from an Excel spreadsheet in to a repeating group??

I really need this function, can anyone help me work out how to do it please?

yes you can import data from a .csv into your database, and then display it on a RG

@dannyliu “paste” - Your response wasn’t helpful was it??

ah yes, I had assumed you understood how a RG worked. My apologies.

RGs only displays dynamic data from your database.

If you want to display data from an excel file you can:

  1. paste screenshots as IMGs
  2. Create a table with HTML/CSS, host your data elsewhere, and then connect to it via API
  3. use Airtable + Airtable plugin

hope this response was helpful :smiley:

Hello @dannyliu,

I have just read your answer and it is interesting for my project.
First of all, i am a beginner, so pleaz take your time and if you have an answer please detail it, or i won’t understand it :slight_smile:

I want to do exactly what you have said.
I have an excel and i want to import it and display the data in a RG. But to be clear, i want to give to the user this possibility. So i want to give him a button where he can select his CSV and import it in the app. When the import is done, it is diplayed in the RG.

Is it possible? if yes How pleaz :slight_smile:

thansk in advance and have a nice day

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hey there,

take a look at this plugin: 1T - CSV Uploader Plugin | Bubble

and the demo:

Looks like it works, you can always email the plugin author for some support

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