Map Data Source Conditional

I’m very surprised that Bubble does not have a conditional for map data sources.

Will this be coming any time in the near future?


Bump. Is this still not possible?

you can use buttons that when pressed use the workflow “display markers” for that map.

Ah, edit data source via workflow. Got it. Thanks!

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It would save a lot of work to have ‘data source’ as an available property to change when true in the conditionals panel on the map element.

The alternate method is to require the UI elements to have independent workflows for each element, to clear and / or set map markers.

It’s a lot more work and not as efficient to have UI elements have to drive one (or more) map marker content. Compared to setting a list of filters in one repeating group array driven by a list of filter options, where a single map or multiple maps can look for the filters selected and all react the same way.