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Map design with route and image
Try to design this type of map in bubble.

but It seems almost impossible.

Can anybody help?

Hey @aroundshares :slight_smile: This is possible in Bubble (or something very close). In your Company data type (I changed this from “company information” to “Company”) which stores the address and the name associated with that Company, you can create a custom state on the page called “SelectedCompany” (Type: Company, List: No).

Then you can use the when a Map Marker is clicked --> Element Actions --> Set State --> SelectedCompany = This Map’s current marker.

Then I created a group next to the map which will show the pictures or information associated with the SelectedCompany.

The next steps would be to create a field in the Company data type called “Photos” (Type: image, List: Yes). Then place a repeating group or slideshow in the group next to the map, with the data source being “Parent group Company’s Photos” (for a repeating group of images for example).

If you have any questions about setting this up or creating the photos field feel free to let me know. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! the Problem was solved !!

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Dear Fayewatson,

Do you think it’s going to be hard if the map shows the root b/t two location

I think that would be possible! :slight_smile: (though I haven’t set that up before) If you’re showing the route between locations, you’d need to use HTML and obtain an API key for Google Maps. @AliFarahat has some awesome examples in the forum about how to set up the code for the routes, here is one example:

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