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Map extended (need tester)

Hi guys,

I’m using the plugin map extended with the waypoints feature. So basically I put an origin, a destination and a list of waypoints.

Everything was working until the last update (v12). Since the waypoint feature does not work and when I speak to the developer of the plugin he tells me that everything is fine.
On the picture below you can see that all the waypoints are not connected together but they should be.

Can someone try it and let me know the results please ? I want to know if it’s me doing something wrong or if the issue is real.
You can try it on the demo page (link below) of the plugin and it is the third map. You need to check the “Add sample checkbox”.

I could use another version but there is some very usefull features in the v12 so I really need to make it work .

Thanks in advance guys.