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Map - list of markers + current location?

How do I show a list of markers and at the same time mark current location?
Ideally adjust zoom show current locations and show markers for the map.

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You can make it so that the current location is centre of the map, and then overlap an image.

Having a different marker for current location, using the existing map, is going to be more difficult. Possible, but you will need to have an icon on the database. And save the current location so it can pick this up.

Thanks. How do you center the map around the current location and display the list of markers?

Found it!

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did you find the solution ? I have the same problem :frowning:

haha same… did you find a solution @hashemianmajidg ?

did you found the solution?

Yes, he found the solution: List of markers and current location on the map at the same time

I tried to follow the directions @NigelG kindly gave in that earlier post which @PedroTiago linked to but for me ‘Current geographic position’ is not an option with either of the Data source plus item method or the centre map method. Just wondering if anyone might know why ‘current geographic position’ does not show as an option? My data source is a list of locations from a repeating group…

Here is my setup:

Also, if I can get that sorted, would it additionally be possible to only plus item current go location if a person is located within a certain distance of X or better still in the country/region that is the subject of the map. I ask because my project details tourist locations on an island and if someone is currently on the island I would like their position to be plotted on the map but if they are sitting at home on the other side of the world planning a tip for the future there is not point plotting their position on the map.

That is probably because the Type of Markers is set to Location-Image and doing a plus-item on that that wants a Location-Image not a Geographic address. Hence it is not available.

As you can see, this has a type of marker of G Address.


Yes, you can change the source data in the Conditional Tab.

Hi @NigelG Thanks so much for setting me straight…had a blank moment there.

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Hi Nigel when i add “:plus” i dont current geographical position. I have unticked the set center and zoom manually option already.

Please refer to the image below and the link of the web is

Screen Shot 2565-12-09 at 21.03.27

Store isn’t a geographical area. So it can’t added as such. Change to a list of GAs.