List of markers and current location on the map at the same time

Hello everyone,

Can you help me to show my current location and list of markers on the map at the same time?


This is a link to my app

I don’t have access to the editor, however …

Centre the map on the user’s location and put an icon over the top of the map to indicate that.

Or use :plus item to add the current location to the list of markers.

Hello Nigel,
Thanks for your answer, I still confused how to do it, I don’t know how to center the map on the user’s location. It also doesn’t let me add plus for the list of markers, I copied URL of my app here you can’t access it?

Thank you for your help,

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You centre the Map using “Map Centred On”…

That is enabled by “Set Centre and Zoom Manually” option.

Or …


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Truly appreciated for the answer which solved the problem:)

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