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Mapbox Plugin by Zeroqode Error : Cannot read property 'listProperties'

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport

I just subscribed to your plugin. I am trying to add multiple markers through Action Add List of Marker Mapbox but it just throw in error below;

I didn’t put Marker Cluster id as well because I do not know what is that. Can you help me?

I am trying to list multiple markers and also directions connecting those markers.

@ZeroqodeSupport nevermind, I have fixed this issue.

But @ZeroqodeSupport , I am facing one more problem, currently with Action Set Directions Mapbox Map > Add Waypoints.

When I try with only one waypoints, manually inserted longitude,latitude, route is shown. But when inserted two waypoints longitude,latitude; longitude,latitude , route is no longer shown.

Can you help check this matter?

p.s : there is a type at input field name which is “Add Waypionts”

Hello, @faisalkarimstubapp
Happy to hear that some of your issues were fixed.

Firstly, please allow me to note that to add waypoints in the route, you should paste coordinates in the same field in the properties of the element in the format below:
In coordinates, longitude and latitude must be separated by a comma and each pair of coordinates must be separated by “;”.

In order to investigate your case, can you please share with us the screenshots of your current settings of the plugin, especially “Waypoints”?
It will help us to analyze your case in detail.

Looking t hear you soon.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

Hi, this is my setting.

Hello, @faisalkarimstubapp
Thanks for the screenshot.

Despite the fact that the settings on the screenshot seem to be correct, this information is not enough to investigate this case.

First of all, could you please provide us step-by-step instructions for reproducing this issue?
Also, please share with us the screenshots of the error from the debugger and browser console.
This information will help us to investigate this case more carefully.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team.

Hi. I don’t know how but it seems like it is working now. I haven’t changed anything though.

Anyway, thank you for your reply.

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Hello, @faisalkarimstubapp
Thanks for this news from you.

You are always welcome!

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team