Mapping and displaying user data

I have a user data over different tables & i am not sure how to connect or add flow for different tables other than user. I came across microblogging example that they have created a new field called original creator and assigned the current user as value.

I believe we already have a field called created by as default, is there a way that i can use the default field to map my logic or should i go with the microblogging sample.


Unless there is a very specific reason to recreate the “creator” as a key field, then I would say that it is not really the best way to build table relationships in bubble.

The simplest way is to link everything back to a User but using data types that are existing tables. That is how bubble links tables directly, rather than doing searches on users.

As an example, this is a User Table I am working on at the moment, it links to Groups (in three ways) - Bloggers - Tips - all of which are other tables.

Thanks for the information.
How should i call two different data of different tables to a particular group or repeating group.

You build it up in the editor.

So in the example above …

To list out the Names of Groups that the user is Admin of

Current user’s AdminOf …


This way you can build up quite complex queries …

So I can list out all the other admins of all the groups I am admin of …


Here i have assigned datatype as user in actorname field at actor table,

and in users table i have used list of actors in actor field,usertable copy
but i cannot display the name of actor in the text.!

And also, If i use current user as the dynamic data, i am unable to view the fields of actors table.

That is because it is a LIST of actors.

So change your text box to a repeating group, use the same criteria, and pull back the actor name in a text box in the RG.

Or…if you just want the FIRST actorname, add :first item on the end.

In this example app, I have created a page example with different fields where i have assigned a table called actor and in the user table i have used those actors table fields as values, so that i can able to manage the users data but in this process of connecting two tables data i cannot display the current data value in the repeating group. Please have a look into it and kindly do some modifications so that i can display the actors details from the users table.