Maps - 'center and zoom' - update from repeating group

I’m wondering if this is possible:
Recenter a single bubble google map element on a page when clicking an addresses from a list of addresses in a repeating group.

I’ve searched for ‘map zoom’ ‘center and zoom’ ‘update map position’ etc on the forms and most use-cases are more complex than what I’m trying to, which leads me to believe the solution might be obvious.

Here is a step-by-step of my workflow. BTW. The map element DOES center and zoom when I use this address as the default for the map element, which leads me to think its may not be an address issue.

I figured this out.

I was storing my addresses in a standard text field instead of a ‘geographic address’ field.

Bubble’s built-in google map plugin requires the ‘geographic address’ for it’s address input. I guess I assumed ‘geographic address’ was something like a latitude/longitude vs a street address. In fact this data type is somewhat special since bubble has it connected to the maps API to verify and correct an address that is stored there.

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